In this talk, technology's dual role as enabler and limiter in digital art and design is explored, drawing on onformative's experience to examine the role of designers as machines take on more creative tasks. The concept of co-creation is discussed, where data and AI are not just tools but collaborators in the artistic process. The talk gives insights into how onformative balances human creativity with computational capabilities to produce compelling narratives and innovative creative solutions. 

About onformative

Guided by a curious and progressive approach, Berlin-based studio onformative seeks to challenge the boundaries of art and technology, pioneering new forms of creative expression. The studio draws upon its in-depth experience with evolving technological trends to find inspiration in ever-changing surroundings, keeping the human perspective at the core of their work. Through both self-initiated and commissioned projects, they guide clients like Samsung, IBM and Porsche towards innovation and new solutions. 

About inspiration and co-creation in the age of data & A.I.

March 13th

Opening Event and Ceremony IMDAward

18:00Opening doors
18:30Start Opening Event
Opening speechSamuel Zuberbühler, Standortförderung St.Gallen, Host City
SpeechRoger Dudler, Frontify, Founder & CEO
SpeechBeat Kneubühler, dpsuisse, Präsident
CeremonyIMDAward 2024

March 15th


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ModerationMarlene Wenger