Martin Fuchs

As a programmer, screen and interaction designer, Martin Fuchs has a special affinity for visual design through computer algorithms. The art book "Written Images", created by him in international collaboration (2021 – 2011), explores the concept of "programmed images" ( It presents a comprehensive showcase of the screen artists' scene who use generative design as a guiding principle.

Since 2021, he has been a co-owner of the collective partnership Undef, engaging in both commercial and artistic projects in the field of new media. Starting from 2018, he works at Tweaklab AG, specializing in programming interactive installations in the museum context, as well as conceptualizing and implementing software, 3D animations, and game development.

Navigating the Infinite – Lost in procedural Landscapes

We are exploring the open-source game engine Godot, delving into the principles of open-world 3D landscapes and procedural geometry. With the use of pre-existing plug-ins, we aim to design a distinctive landscape of our own.


March 13th

Opening & Ceremony

Restaurant Lagerhaus,
Saal 1. Stock,
Davidstrasse 42, St.Gallen

18:00Opening doors
18:30Start Opening Event
Opening speechSamuel Zuberbühler, Standortförderung St.Gallen, Host City
SpeechRoger Dudler, Frontify, Founder & CEO
SpeechBeat Kneubühler, dpsuisse, Präsident
CeremonyIMDAward 2024

March 15th


Demutstrasse 115, St.Gallen

09:00Door Opening

09:30Opening Congress: Daniel Kehl

10:05 – 10:25Johnson Kingston
10:25 – 10:45DIA Studio
10:45 – 11:05Function Store

Coffee Break

11:35 – 11:55Mélanie Courtinat
11:55 – 12:15Shortnotice Studio

Lunch Break

13:35 – 13:55onformative
13:55 – 14:15Tashina Maria
14:15 – 14:35ALANKO+NUOTIO

Coffee Break

15:05 – 15:25Simon Kringel
15:25 – 15:45Rose Pilkington

ModerationMarlene Wenger