13–15 March 2024

Demutstrasse 115
9012 St.Gallen

Martin Fuchs
As a programmer, screen and interaction designer, Martin Fuchs has a special affinity for visual design through computer algorithms. The art book "Wri... [READ MORE]
Shortnotice Studio
Shortnotice Studio is a Berlin based collaborative studio founded by Mathias Lempart & Sascia Reibel offering (graphic) design solutions for short-not... [READ MORE]
Mélanie Courtinat
Mélanie Courtinat is an artist and art director considering video games as a major medium and focussing on their extraordinary immersive properties. H... [READ MORE]
SPEECHDon’t be afraid of video games!
Rose Pilkington
London based Digital Artist Rose Pilkington specialises in experimental 3D illustration and motion.  Her work serves as a tribute to nature, drawing i... [READ MORE]
Johanna Jaskowska
Johanna Jaskowska is working at the vanguard of where beauty intersects with technology. Last year, she created the world’s first digital haute coutur... [READ MORE]
SPEECHBeyond Beauty
DIA Studio
Mitch Paone is the creative director of New York and Chamonix-based creative agency DIA Studio. DIA Specializes in corporate and cultural visual ident... [READ MORE]
SPEECHTime is form, Form is Time.
Function Store
Daniel Molnar, a Hungarian-born artist and developer, known by his creative alias Function Store, is a highly skilled freelance artist and developer b... [READ MORE]
Johnson Kingston
In their presentation, they will talk about their design approach to user experience and the interplay between technology and design, as well as givin... [READ MORE]
SPEECHFriction Addiction – Against Digital Perfection
Tashina Maria
Tashina Maria is a Swiss designer and Creative Director based in London, specialising in graphic design, branding, editorial design, and placemaking. ... [READ MORE]
In this talk, technology's dual role as enabler and limiter in digital art and design is explored, drawing on onformative's experience to examine the ... [READ MORE]
SPEECHAbout inspiration and co-creation in the age of data & A.I.
ALANKO+NUOTIO is a Helsinki-based 3D illustration and artist duo formed by Anna Alanko and Antton Nuotio. Drawing inspiration from the vibrancy and in... [READ MORE]
Paul Smyth
Working in a digital world produces on going opportunities to explore our visual capabilities from immersive content to computer aided interactive des... [READ MORE]
SPEECHInto the Void
Marlene Wenger
Dr. Marlene Wenger earned her doctorate in art history from the University of Bern and the Free University of Berlin in 2021, with a thesis on the sub... [READ MORE]

March 13th

Opening Event and Ceremony IMDAward

18:00Opening doors
18:30Start Opening Event
Opening speechSamuel Zuberbühler, Standortförderung St.Gallen, Host City
SpeechRoger Dudler, Frontify, Founder & CEO
SpeechBeat Kneubühler, dpsuisse, Präsident
CeremonyIMDAward 2024

March 15th


09:00Door Opening

09:30Opening Congress: Daniel Kehl

10:05 – 10:25Johnson Kingston
10:25 – 10:45DIA Studio
10:45 – 11:05Function Store

Coffee Break

11:35 – 11:55Mélanie Courtinat
11:55 – 12:15Shortnotice Studio

Lunch Break

13:35 – 13:55Tashina Maria
13:55 – 14:15onformative
14:15 – 14:35ALANKO+NUOTIO

Coffee Break

15:05 – 15:25TBA
15:25 – 15:45Rose Pilkington
15:45 – 16:05Paul Smyth


ModerationMarlene Wenger

The Interactive Media Design Award is a pioneering recognition in the Swiss education sector for interactive media. The mission of the IMDAward is to honor outstanding educational projects in a transparent and sustainable manner.