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23 March


"identity" as a system / fluid identity – the output will be to create a custom brand that can work in motion and is based on rules, not one specific image.

Tool requirements: computer, adobe suite (illustrator, after effects), pencil and paper

Studio Lucas Hesse

"Offset, Loop & Duplicate" – Prinzipien der Animation von Grafik Design & Typography. Der Motion Workshop beschäftigt sich mit drei einfachen, aber effektive Prinzipien für die Animation von Grafik Design & Typografie. Mit diesen Methoden werden wir in After Effects typografische Muster erstellen und animieren. 

Tool requirements: Laptop, After-Effects


"Collective Installation" – We will to create an interactive and collective installation with participants. It will be composed of video contents realised during the workshop. A specific interactive device will allow to stage these medias on the theme of clouds and humans. 

Tool requirements: Laptop, Smart phone


"Sharpen your robotics skills" – In this hands-on workshop, AATB will introduce the basics of robot handling and programming. Participants will join hands to animate a robot and create a mesmerizing loop that will bring words into focus!

Tool requirements: none, everthing will be provided

Studio Toericht

"Blender = cool" — Basic intrioduction into the world of 3D with open-source software Blender and how to integrate it into your workflow while inevitably becoming the most interesting person in the room.

 Tool requirements: Laptop, newest version of Blender (Free) If possible, also bring a keyboard with a numpad and a mouse!

Emma Margarita

"multi-sensory" – How might we design for these new hybrid beasts? Could we simply apply the same systemic principles we used when designing for two dimensional experiences? Or could we develop multi-sensory design systems that take the physical properties and behaviors of materials and environments into account? Working around a predefined scenario, we will use rapid prototyping techniques together with methods derived from information, game and narrative design to prototype an interface that goes beyond the flat screen.

Tool requirements: Laptop, Adobe Software

Tina Touli

"exploring the physical world" – Nowadays, more and more creatives tend to follow the same design techniques, starting and finishing their work on their computer, ignoring all the inspiration from the physical world that could be creatively implemented to the digital one. Everything around us can be inspirational and an object for investigation. This workshop's aim is to assist finding new sources of inspiration, learn different techniques, gain additional skills and explore new areas of design through a journey of blending the physical and the digital worlds. We will start with a short introduction and a presentation of sources of inspiration. Different everyday materials will be provided to the participants (each pair will be provided with one material) to use as their tool/inspiration to create a typographic composition. The experimentations will be captured with a camera (a mobile with a camera will also work). We will explore the possibilities, the strengths and the weaknesses of our materials and push our creativity as far as possible. The last stage of the session will include a retouching tutorial which will assist the participants to edit their selected artworks. We will close the workshop by reviewing the outcomes.

Paul Lëon – Floating Point Studio

"Diffusion" – Introduction to the use of diffusion models: How to integrate these models into a creative process? Tips & Tricks. New tools or a new era or just the end of the blank sheet syndrome?

Tool requirements: Laptop

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