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Paul Leon
Floating Point Studio

The creative process behind the hacking of a blurred box

Between symbiosis and addiction, extension of the body and machine, a portal to information and a spy, an augmentation of reality or a blinder, the smartphone never ceases to affect our daily lives and alter our relationship with the world. Despite the high definition of its screen, the boundaries that qualify its use are even more blurred. Dive into the critical creative process behind the exhibition Fantastic Smartphones – a project developed by Bachelor Media & Interaction Design students at ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne.

Paul Lëon (1997) is a Swiss designer working at the crossroads of living arts and interaction design. After his bachelor's degree in Media & Interaction Design at the ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne (CH), he formalised his long-time collaboration with three artist and designer friends.Inspired by video games, science-fiction tales and anthropology, they founded together Floating Point Studio, and focus their practice in the creation of digital projects with a narrative tendency. Taking the form of interactive installations, immersive experiences (XR), animated films or video games, their work questions the impact of new technologies on the world of today and tomorrow.

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14:20 – 14:40